Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday!

We had the opportunity to go out and visit a few friends this past week. A big thank you for everyone who took the time to pose for our photos. On behalf of Plasma Systems, Inc family, we would like to thank you for your continued support and are grateful for your continued consideration and business. Please visit the link below and feel free to share with your team!

Wishing both you and your teams a Happy Holiday Season!

Plasma Systems, Inc.

PS: Look out for our Open House in January!

Friday, December 14, 2018

Entering the New Year with some Preventative Maintenance!

Hello friends!  We are down to the last couple weeks of the year. We would like to encourage everyone to take some time out of this busy season and treat your CNC plasma cutter to an end of year service check. Here we will go over just a few tips and tricks.

Let’s get started! Why are we recommending an end of year service check? Because we love our CNC machines and we want them to run smooth and efficiently in order to save and make you money. Sounds great right! As we transition into the New Year everyone is looking for ways to build better habits both at work and in their private lives at home. Whether it is a new diet, a new filing system or a new organizational productivity enhancing procedure at work……we want to start the new year with better habits. Let’s go over a few pointers.

We recommend you create your baseline for the New Year. If you start the New Year knowing your CNC machine is running at optimal performance, you can create and follow a maintenance protocol, which should keep your system service cost lower than last years. This is absolutely something your team can do without any additional service cost to you. (Technically we all should be running a daily, weekly and monthly check on our CNC machine already.) So each maintenance program should be geared specifically for your CNC machine. Each program should touch on the following key components:

 1)  Plasma – Each plasma will have a manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule, which we recommend you follow. A clean plasma cutter will provide cleaner cuts and should be given a daily maintenance review. Recommended daily coolant checks and a six-month coolant replacement are some of the important preventative maintenance actions your team should be taking.

 2)  The Machine – The Cutting Edge custom design CNC machine is a beast. Built with the highest quality parts, the machine will run for years on end with accurate and precise movement (we have machines in the field which have been running for over 20 years). Maintenance is key and we recommend always checking your carriage and lifter for debris and obstruction. Simple things like cleaning your rails once a month with a wire brush can help prevent future issues.

 3)  Drive Maintenance – Drive maintenance is also one of the most important pieces on the CNC to maintain. Checking and cleaning the exterior components of the drives goes a long way. Ensuring the wires are secure, clean, and unobstructed assists in keeping the gearboxes sealed, this will keep your CNC working at a high level of precision.

 4)  Insight Controller – The controller is engineered to function in a harsh environment. Recommended maintenance for the controller is as easy as routinely cleaning the touch screen and removing any layers of dust from the keyboard, wires and exterior components.

 5)  Cut Table – Whether you have a water table or downdraft table, keeping the slats, bins and interior of your table clean are highly recommended. Maintaining the table will provide for a safer work environment and will help prevent major accidents.

The best operators know their machine and can let you know the minute something goes awry. We offer or recommend these best practices because we believe knowing your machine is essential. If your operator is following a monthly, weekly or daily preventative maintenance program, they will become aware of any discrepancies that may appear before they escalate to bigger issues (<--- this saves you money). Of course there are some shops that act reactively to issues instead of taking pro-active actions. If you are one of these shops, don’t worry you are not alone!

In closing, thank you for taking the time read through the article. Feel free to give us a call, one of our sales engineers would be more than happy to answer any questions regarding a preventative maintenance check for your CNC flame cutter.

Happy Holidays from Plasma Systems Inc.