Tuesday, October 30, 2018

What plasma cutting can do with X-Definition Plasma

This is a great article I ran into regarding the X-Definition Plasma. This article highlights the pros of X-Definition Plasma Cutting technology. If you would like to visit with us to see the technology at work, contact Joseph Steinhauer, Sales Engineer, for an appointment. Phone: 832-243-9900

"Part 1 – If you don’t know what X-Definition plasma can do, you may be leaving money on the table."

"It’s been one year since the introduction of X-Definition™ class plasma and during that time the technology, exclusively found in Hypertherm’s XPR300, has been demonstrated at countless venues – from trade shows and open houses, to events hosted by cutting machine manufacturers and integrators. A characteristic response among many of those seeing the XPR300 in action is: “I didn’t know plasma could cut like that.” What is interesting about this comment is that often it comes from a seasoned fabricator with one or more laser systems in their shop, or someone about ready to purchase a new laser system.  And, what’s even more interesting, is that in more than a few instances, this realization saved that fabricator hundreds of thousands in initial capital costs and ongoing operating costs, when they ultimately decided to purchase a high-end cutting machine equipped with X-Definition, XPR300 plasma."

What plasma cutting can do with X-Definition Plasma: Modern X-Definition™ plasma cutting technology can deliver high edge quality and fine feature capability that is more than capable of producing the desired results—at a cost that is substantially less than laser cutting.

**The above article is an informational piece posted 07/07/18 by Hypertherm.

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